2017-04-17 20:40 GMT+02:00 Athos Ribeiro <athoscribeiro@gmail.com>:
> My initial reaction was similar to Neal's. What about inserting "free
> and open source" just after the "innovative"? Or maybe can find
> something more meaningful in place of the "innovative"?

I agree with including free software (or FOSS )  in the mission. The current mission is very clear about our will to collaborate with upstream projects (that's the main reason I started contributing to Fedora). It makes me happy to see Fedora people contributing to several projects whenever needed. The new text feels like the project will start looking to new horizons and that the former mission may be forgotten at some point.

I am also a user who contributes to Fedora because it is free, and that's still very important to me. We still have our 4 foundations as main principles (as vision?), therefore I wouldn't understand the missing "free" adjective as something we are throwing away. The new mission statement aims to be an evolution of the former one, like Linux distributions and software are evolving almost daily.


Robert Mayr