Hey everyone!

Docs are being converted to a new build engine called Antora. A preview is already available in staging at docs.stg.fedoraproject.org. Please note that the design is still being finalized. We will switch the production instance on 1 August 2018. To prepare we need to take several actions and that includes asking you to merge some PRs that will reorganize your docs repo to work with the new tool.  Your content will not be modified.  The content will continue to be in AsciiDoc.

To accomplish this, we are requesting that you observe a freeze between Friday 27 July and Sunday 29 July during which the following steps will be done:

1. All existing content needs to be converted to the Antora structure (https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/template/branch/antora). Someone from the Docs team will send you a PR during the freeze.
2. Please don't modify your repository during the freeze.  We encourage you to merge any complete PRs before the freeze.  PRs opened during the freeze will need to be restructed to the new repository structure after the freeze before they can be merged.  The only PRs you should merge during the freeze are the ones filed by the team converting your repo to Antora.
3. We will not be rebuilding the production site after the freeze starts until 1 August.  The stage site will be built to show the new builds so you can check them after the freeze.
4. The site will be deployed to the stage instance, docs.stg.fedoraproject.org.
5. At the end of the freeze, a confirmation will go out that contributions can continue. Periodical rebuilds of the stage site will continue.  Production will get its first update on 1 August.

I will be available on IRC, Telegram, and email during the freeze for help. Although I’m in Europe, I’ll do my best to be available even later in the evening for our US-based contributors.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Adam Šamalík
Software Engineer
Red Hat