Thanks Dusty.

What's the latest on including Podman in Fedora CoreOS?

Axel, have you looked into podman at all?  It is a drop-in replacement for docker in most cases, and should be flexible enough to do what you what, but we might need to ask on podman mailing list for anything specifics.


On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 8:24 AM Dusty Mabe <> wrote:

On 12/12/19 9:30 AM, Axel Heindrichs wrote:
> Hi there,

Hi Axel,

> We are following CoreOS CL with great interest, as we are running all our k8s clusters on CoreOS (both VMware and bare metal). However we decided against CoreOS for one specialised Data Science bare metal cluster, based on blades with GPUs, as CoreOS still ships with docker 18.06.3. NVIDIA GPUs are natively supported as devices in the Docker runtime as from version 19.03.
> Is there a plan to move to a higher version of docker in CoreOS? 19.03 or at least 18.09?

I don't know what the plans are for new docker versions in Container Linux.

> What is the plan for Fedora CoreOS in this respect?

Right now we have moby-engine (docker) 18.09 in Fedora CoreOS. It will probably be
the next major fedora release (~April 2020) before that gets bumped higher.

> Is it possible to replace/upgrade the version of docker in CoreOS ourselves?

I don't know about Container Linux. For Fedora CoreOS you *could* package layer
a different version rpm on top, but it might make Operating System updates less

> I would be really grateful for an answer.
> Kind regards
> Axel
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