Today, we have released a new version of Copr. Here is a list of changes in this release.

New features:
- This release added discussion panels in Copr projects. You can now discuss individual projects on their project pages or browse all discussions here: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/c/projects-in-copr
- Build detail now show how long ago a build started and finished. (issue 860)
- You can set how many builds are shown per page in copr/builds and task queue tabs. (issue 709)

- When a project is deleted, it is removed from pinned projects automatically. (issue 895)
- Task queue can now be sorted by project name. (issue 901).
- Monitor page no longer shows builds from PRs. (issue 807)
- Task queue no longer shows 300+ tasks when there are exactly 300. (issue 940)
- Public database dumps should now work properly after importing. (issue 912)
- Projects that are not listed on the homepage are no longer shown in the RSS feed.

Performance optimizations
- Generating a list of pending jobs and iterating over build queue was optimized. (issue 902)
- Deleting multiple builds in the same project is now done as a part of a single action on the backend. (issue 688)
- Previously, the front page was slow. This was caused by "recent builds" box. The query for showing recently finished builds has been optimized. The recent build tab now shows builds from the last 2 days by everyone and user's builds from the last 30 days. (issue 937)