Hello all,

This is Devyani Kota, part of the RHGS team at RedHat, currently contributing
to the Gluster storage plugin for cockpit-ovirt.
We have created a few mockups for the same, that are attached along with the
mail. We plan to add the 'Gluster' info under the Storage Tab listed on the
overview page. 

Under this "Gluster" Tab, we will be listing:
1. The information of the hosts in the cluster, labelling the host machine
which is the hosted-engine.
2. The volumes on every host, and their respective info like, the device that
they are mounted on, the size of the disk that they occupy, etc.

The mockups listed give a clear picture of the concept, and a simple overview
on what we are trying to achieve.
Any reviews/suggestions on the same will be appreciated :)
Looking forward to the feedback.

Thanks and regards,
Devyani Kota.