Hi everybody,
I have some code that runs as a cockpit plugin. I have a lot of calls to cockpit.spawn, which I want to replace by fetch calls. The problem is that the software running API is running on port 443, not 9090, so I get a big and red error message about CORS not enabled,

I can check that response has Acces-Control-Allow-Origin set to mymachine:9090, in dev tools

I did some googling and found that I would enable CORS by editing cockpit.conf and placing a `Origin = https://mymachine:9090 wss://mymachine:9090 https://mymachine` I tried that without success. I may be wrong here

I'm running a Centos7 machine with cockpit 195, here is the content of my /etc/cockpit/cockpit.conf

Origin = wss://

Any ideas?

Best regards
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