Hopefully the RHEL documentation can give you some context:

You can also get some context from the libvirtd documentation:

Hope it helps!
- Andreas

On 10/9/19 5:04 PM, Дмитрий Астанков wrote:


I am currently translating Cockpit UI into Russian and the last thing that's left is virtual machine states (strings can be found in cockpit/pkg/machines/helpers.js):

vmStates: {
        running: _("running"),
        idle: _("idle"),
        paused: _("paused"),
        shutdown: _("shutdown"),
        'shut off': _("shut off"),
        crashed: _("crashed"),
        dying: _("dying"),
        pmsuspended: _("suspended (PM)")

Can you please explain these to me or provide a link where I can read about them? I can't find any reliable resources which would contain all of the above so I can't be sure I get them right.

Best wishes,
Dmitry Astankov (BaseALT Translation Team)

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