On 28-10-2016 12:17, Stef Walter wrote:
On 28.10.2016 15:21, Lucas Castro wrote:

On 28-10-2016 06:58, Stef Walter wrote:
On 28.10.2016 05:36, Lucas Castro wrote:
Cockpit depends of babel, and babel-cli has been moved to babel-cli package.
Does 'npm install' fail for you? It still works here. Or is this a
packaging issue?

Note that we depend on an old version of babel. The newer versions have
gotten quite bloated ... so we've stuck with an older 5.x one for the
time being.
I don't know about bloated. what I've noticed is babel has split in
various plugins and
what you were using has changed the uptream name to bable-cli package,
so I think is just change the dependence from babel to babel-cli.
Makes sense.

We also don't need babel-cli any more. We need other babel packages, but
the CLI is not in use. So I've removed it. In addition I've updated to
6.x to make the packaging easier.

Here's a pull request that does that:



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Thanks for that, could please give a list of all those dependences updated?
I need to package all them then, It'd be betterĀ  to get done as soon as possible.

Lucas Castro