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Il giorno lun 6 lug 2020 alle ore 12:39 Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de> ha scritto:
Hello all,

Yedidyah Bar David [2020-04-01 10:22 +0300]:
> > The suggested 2h is just too much. The engine-setup process
> > should not depend on cockpit session being around. It needs to run
> > even when you log out of Cockpit and the user should be able to see
> > the running process output when they log back in again.
> OK, how? Do you have an example for a cockpit module/plugin/whatever
> that does that? That runs a long-running command, saves its output
> somewhere, and if being logged out in the middle, allows the user
> to reconnect, showing everything since the last part already seen by
> the user? Does cockpit have means to help plugin authors do that,
> without reinventing the wheel every time?

I finally got around to creating such an example:


Comments appreciated!