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I am looking at:

In the big picture I think we need to tease apart a few different concepts:

* Stuff generic to fully automating creating a small-ish server
skeleton accessible over ssh (target case: virt-install)
* Stuff specific to EC2
* "Minimization" - For example, removing localization

Let me reattach my proposed file here.

Also, I would really like to have this be an Official Fedora Spin, by
which I mean, you guys can't keep disabling SELinux.  And it should be
hosted in spin-kickstarts.

Other random stuff:
* Why acpid explicitly?  Kill it, kill it dead

I agree with most of the above but I don't really see that this, AOS or a minimal (minimum?) install should be any different, and even the Amazon image should only add EC2 stuff on top of that so should be able to include this .ks and add a few pacakges and what ever scripting is needed for the ec2 images.