Root more than 10gb don't needed. I limit journald logs and have a ought space

19 Янв 2017 г. 0:24 пользователь "Josh Berkus" <> написал:

jberkus reported a new issue against the project: `atomic-wg` that you are following:
The way it is now:

Currently, the rootFS is sized at 3GB, fixed, and the Docker partition is 40% of the remaining space.  This causes new users to run out of disk space if they do layering, ostree unlock, install a bunch of system containers, or even just run up the logs, even if they have plenty of physical disk space.

My suggestion for a new default is:

* RootFS: 25% of disk space, with a minimum of 3GB and a maximum of 16GB
* Docker Partition: 50% of total disk space (or 65% of remaining space), min 2GB
* Unallocated: 25% of disk space.

This would mean, for a new install:

Disk            Root          Docker        Unallocated
8GB            3GB           4GB             1GB
32GB          8GB           16GB           8GB
200GB        16GB         100GB        84GB


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