* OpenStack - We already have the Swift portion of this in, and Nova
is in the pipeline. (Thanks, silassewell.) http://www.openstack.org

this is big; more players are jumping in with serious cloud offerings, and soon AWS won't be the only real option (as rackspace doesn't really do "cloud" quite yet, they're more still just VM hosting...for now).  Something that allows us to not be provider-specific, like OpenStack (which is, oddly, a rackspace-started thing, iirc...) is a Very Good Thing(tm).
* Eucalyptus - obino has been looking for some mentorship as far as
packaging goes. If there are folks around to help out with this, I
think it would be awesome to have as a feature.  Is anyone willing to
help out here? http://open.eucalyptus.com/

I'm really excited to see their interest in Fedora. 

Unfortunately, I can't mentor, since I'm not a packager myself ;)  I will go help review the two packages mentioned in the meeting, for my journey down that road.  I can't atm justify working on things too far out of stuff that is relevant for my daily work; my employer is very supportive of OSS, but not if it means they're paying me to work on something completely irrelevant to my job ;)  So I've had a problem finding things to review.  I have a couple packages I could look at trying to get in that are smaller, and am willing to help them out on this...just not as a mentor.  Eucalyptus is something I wanted to use in the past, but didn't because it wasn't immediately Fedora-happy; if a time-saving tool doesn't save time, then I can't use it.  I *can* help develop it (on my company's timeclock) to be Fedora happy though, if it's something that they're doing - so I'm very on board with helping there.
 there. What other EC2-related enhancements are there for us to tackle?

wanna know something funny?  The S3 mirror tool that we need for the yum repos, is a tool that could easily be made a very useful public tool.  A tool that does something simple, such as take a flat-file structure - and has rsync-like functionality using basic GET/POST/PUT calls (such as how S3 is used)...would be fantastic.  It would be very useful to the community.  A minor amount of extra work could make the tool useful on a much more broad level than just yum<->S3.  I would really like to see such a tool be made it's own project.  Could even just look at s3sync.rb as a place to start a fork from; that tool is slow and doesn't copy large amounts of info, but it's at least a start (even if it's in Ruby...).  http://code.google.com/p/s3sync-s3cmd/source/list