While we're in full bug-triaging mode for Aeolus [1], I've spent time on my own on improving Snap (the system snapshotter for Linux/Windows/Mac OSX which can be used to perform cross-cloud and cross-os migrations). Just figure I'd share some updates.

- incorporated full test harness
- many documentation improvements / fixes
- many code cleanups / optimizations
- starting adding ability to migrate snapshots between OS's (for example Ubuntu to Fedora and vice-versa)
- pushed snap into Fedora! (simply install via 'yum install snap' on Fedora15+ and RHEL6, should be pushed into Debian / Ubuntu soon)

See the commit log [2] for full details. Stay tuned for more updates!


[1] http://aeolusproject.org

[2] https://github.com/movitto/snap/commits/master