Both networks and NM might be needed in the future. We should look into how we can build images that support both or look to build alternate images.

NM stack is useful for WiFi and cellular enabled images in IoT gateway devices. I don't really see networkd supporting the those requirements.


On Dec 21, 2015 08:49, "Joe Brockmeier" <> wrote:
On 12/18/2015 09:05 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:
> What other distros are doing, whether Ubuntu above, or CoreOS, or any
> of them is completely irrelevant for a discussion about Fedora.

Well, no it's not, actually.

If we're trying to appeal to folks who are already using other
distributions or tools, it does actually matter. See also discussions
about cloud-init we've had in the past.

It's not a case of "me-too-ism" (though, frankly, it'd be nice to see
more "me too" and less NIH in the FOSS world as a whole), it's a matter of:

1) offering tools that users expect
2) pointing to successful implementations

When somebody says X or Y distro is using something successfully, that
is a good indicator that it may be ready for prime time.

And yes, we're aware of the need for a testing plan. Thank you for so
diplomatically mentioning it.


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