Ok, I accept it. Then, we needed while the package is been installed, remove the "chkconfig -add" command in %post and let the installer decides about it. Will be prudent also change the group of the files where the owner is nova user to have other group different of the root group like nobody group. 


2012/4/28 Pádraig Brady <P@draigbrady.com>
On 04/28/2012 05:27 PM, Marco Sinhoreli wrote:
> In my opinion the reason to use sub-packages is isolated the nova services in a solution where it could be deployed in differents servers. For example: will be unnecessary to have in a nova-node (compute+network) running the nova-api together or installed. Separating, we could have a more secure environment for large deploys like Data Centers. The package could contemplate meta-packages to full nova install and node-install, for example.

Having a single package doesn't imply a single server.
You can install the package on each server but
only enable each service where required.

The main advantage of sub packages is to
separate logic and to minimize dependencies,
neither of which is significant I think
when splitting the nova package.


Marco Sinhoreli