Rackspace is the big muscle behind OpenStack.  Getting that going well will make Fedora more multi-vendor-happy; that, and Eucalyptus.  At some point, making the tools out there not care that you're installing Fedora over some other distro is the way to more quickly ensure successful mutli-platform progress :)


On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 4:39 PM, Robyn Bergeron <robyn.bergeron@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey folks,

rackerhacker (who, for the record, is a Rackspace employee, as well as
a Fedora fan :D) pinged me on IRC and talked to a few other people as
well about the idea of marketing not just Fedora on EC2, but also
Fedora on $otherproviders as well.  I think we all can agree that
while getting things up on EC2 (thanks, Justin!!) was an important
first step, but there are obviously other providers out there as well,
including some that already have F14 available for their customers -
and it's certainly a place where we can benefit from advertising as

I know that this past time around, having Fedora on EC2 was an actual
feature.  Going forward, do we want to have that as a feature that is
more general - such as Fedora on Many Providers? Or do we want to take
the opportunity to talk about things in an interim fashion *now* and
maybe do something such as a press piece talking about Fedora on
Rackspace (or any other provider, heck, I'd be happy to keep talking
it up for months)?  Or perhaps both is a good idea?

Looking for your thoughts! I'll also add it to this week's meeting agenda.


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