In my opinion the reason to use sub-packages is isolated the nova services in a solution where it could be deployed in differents servers. For example: will be unnecessary to have in a nova-node (compute+network) running the nova-api together or installed. Separating, we could have a more secure environment for large deploys like Data Centers. The package could contemplate meta-packages to full nova install and node-install, for example. 

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The packages started out with a pile of separate subpackages, each tiny.  There was little benefit seen in maintaining such separation, so the subpackages were removed.  If there's a compelling reason to split them again, it can be reconsidered.

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Hi David, hi all:

Looking the openstack-nova package, I suggest to build separated packages for api, network, compute, cert, objectstorage, scheduler, docs, python-nova and others needed. I'm thinking in run these components in separated machines like many others users thinking in an enterprise environment. Like it is, is generally used for development environments. What you think about it? I can prepare the sub-packages if you accept this change.


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