Yes and no : Since we're probably going to want to support different archs
coming from different build machines some day, the build spawning should be
per build host, whereas the dealing with the results will be partly per
build host (the part that you consider fairly related) but also partly in a
central location which will gather everything, right?

well from a queuing standpoint - submitting build reqs to a central system should be able to deal with the 'for which archs' and 'where do you go for those archs' questions.

Other than that, I agree with Jeremy regarding the fact the builds should
be explicitly requested and not automatic for every CVS commit, or even
every commit matching certain criterias (i.e. a change in version and/or

sure - I guess I was thinking of what gafton had mentioned before. Some way for someone to tag a release as 'buildmeplease' in cvs and have it just do it.