On 01/22/2014 05:26 PM, Dan Callaghan wrote:
Excerpts from Jeffrey Burke's message of 2014-01-22 23:11:33 +1000:
Nice feature. A couple questions. We have systems the lose console 
often. What happens with an empty console, does it ignore or assume 
that the install has failed. or the opposite?
If the console is missing, empty, or drops out, beaker-watchdog will not 
detect any installation failures so the recipe will continue as normal 
(or eventually the watchdog will get it, if it did fail). That's the 
same way the panic detection works -- it's best effort.

Also now that the scheduler has detected this failure can it 
automatically requeue the recipe?
It could, but that would be a separate feature. I'm not sure if it would 
be worthwhile though. I think almost all cases where the installation 
fails (especially, when it fails in a detectable way) it's due to 
a problem with the recipe: missing a repo, typo in the kickstart, 
requesting filesystem that is too big, etc. Those cases are not likely 
to be solved by resubmitting the recipe.

Except for the dhcp request or failure to download the kickstart.  Those aren't really anaconda errors but transient errors in the infrastructure.

Would this handle those?  or is that beyond the scope?


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