Hi Jaroslav,

Since beaker 0.12, beaker is caching the logs on the lab controllers unconditionally.[1]

To have the same behaviour as with 0.11.3, an achieved server(which is your main server) [2] needs to be
configured to have a HTTP server and rsyncd running and beaker-transer is enabled on the LCs. If you
wish to be able to delete log files via beaker-log-delete,  the HTTP server needs to be configured
to handle WebDAV DELETE operations on the log directory’s base path.

[1] https://beaker-project.org/docs/whats-new/release-0.12.html#logs-are-no-longer-sent-to-the-beaker-server
[2] https://beaker-project.org/docs/admin-guide/installation.html#archive-server

Matt Jia

On Fri, Jul 1, 2016 at 2:13 AM, Jaroslav Kortus <jkortus@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi guys,

may I ask for a quick explanation how task logging works, where the logs are stored and how this has changed since 0.11.3 till current branch?

While we were running on 0.11.3 all logs were conveniently stored on our main server without any additional need to config anything. Now, with 22.3, the logs seem to be stored locally on LCs.

Reading through the docs (https://beaker-project.org/docs/architecture-guide/log-storage.html) it explains that I can set up rsync and then webdav to be at the same "feature level" as with 0.11.3.

Is it possible to achieve the same behaviour as with 0.11.3 without any added complexity (rsync+webdav)?

Thank you,

Jaroslav Kortus
Cluster QE
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