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From: Max Spevack <mspevack@redhat.com>
Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 11:43 PM
Subject: [Ambassadors] remember the mission
To: fedora-ambassadors-list@redhat.com

When you put your Ambassadors hat on (as opposed to any of your other roles in Fedora), remember:

(1) You give a face and a name to Fedora.  You are a person, friendly and approachable.  Fedora is big and scary, but you are going to help make sure that *one person* finds their way through all the confusion into the place where they can contribute.

(2) You are the glue.  You help connect different people in different parts of the Project, because you are always dealing with people whose interests are different.  You should be eager and happy to work with other parts of Fedora to solve problems.

(3) People are the key.  Everything that we do -- events, budgets, swag, membership verifications, blogging -- it's all done as an attempt to make personal connections with folks who either want to use or contribute to Fedora.  Places where Ambassadors get together are one of the few times that Fedora contributors have an opportunity to meet face to face (other than FUDCons and FADs).

(4) You are the expert in your region.  You understand the culture, the needs, and the best ways to communicate about Fedora and FOSS in your region.  FAmSCo and other "leaders" in Fedora *work for you*, and need to listen to what you are saying makes sense.  We can't ignore the global picture, but we need to be flexible in adapting to local needs.

These are things I have been thinking about while reading ambassadors-list recently.


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