as long as we don't get into long deliberation on those grey parts.

also, such discussion can go into BDLUG, which is more general.

good to see you both. M&I ;)  i love to discuss in this mailing list. hope now i will visit it everyday and get some nice posts. moreover, you guys know great news being the hub of open source in Bangladesh . why don't you post regularly ? *** we deserver more news and post from you both*** i saw the archive of this mailing list for a few months . it's too small comparing to other lists !! we have to take initiatives to make it active . one sure way is to put more and more topics to discuss ! everyday ! after all, it's fedora bangladesh user list . any topic regarding fedora , Bangladesh , open source  goes here !

specially thanks to Nirjhor , please, feel free to post regularly . don't think i am being too authoritative ( i just a negligible part of the project like you , not  a share holder and it's a community derived project) it's normal to be a bit concerned , but, not much . but, never take it personally. *** be concerned but, never be too concerned ***

guys more posts ! we are here to hear from you! also, post development related questions .

your every post is a contribution to fedora ! yes it is !