Hi Benson,

No, unfortunately seems not working.

I've tried with seek (16348, 64, 512, etc). No luck.

I think the problem is related how to boot images are builded and 'what' to write into sdcard.

Should I write sidbloader.img or not?  How are  sidbloader.img and u-boot.itb builded? Does them contains all required stuffs?

Following Your link about ARMv8, i see at row 3:

dd if=$PREFIX/usr/share/uboot/$TARGET/spl.img of=$MEDIA seek=64; sync; sleep 5

But spl.img is not available in usr/share/uboot/ in my sdcard (Fedora 31 minimal).

So, I still searching over the web.

Meanwhile, did You known that standard serial console speed in Rock64 SPI flash is 1,500,000 baudrate? 1,500,000!! OMG, connecting to see spi boot at 115200 will never work!  I have spent hours about it....hope it will be helpful for other users.

See these links:



Again, seems that not all usb-serial-console-adapters can works at 1,500,000 baudrate. FYI my cheap converter can't...so...i can't see spi boot.....I'm not luky with that board.

Thank You again.



Il 12/11/19 07:46, Benson Muite ha scritto:

Hi Agharta,

Thanks for the update. Responses below. Hope you are successful.


On 11/11/19 7:09 PM, agharta82@gmail.com wrote:

Hi Benson,

You helped me a lot!!!

Following Your suggestion, I've investigate over $TARGET and $MEDIA.

After writing sdcard with pine64-lts, inside usr/share/uboot/ (of sdcard) i can see rock64-rk3328 (my sbc), rockpro64-rk3399 and many other sbc not listed into arm-image-installer folder (/usr/share/arm-image-installer/boards.d/)!!!!!!!!

So, rock64 is really supported by fedora (31, minimal, aarch64)!!!

Another interesting thing: if I create a file called rock64-rk3328 into my /usr/share/arm-image-installer/boards.d/ and set --target=rock64-rk3328, arm-image-installer executes IT!

So, next step: I've copied pine64-lts into rock64-rk3328.

One question: rock64-rk3328 folder does not have sunxi-spl.bin, but a file called idbloader.img. Should I 'dd' it insead of sunxi-spl.bin?

Following this link seems yes http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_Boot_option

Thanks, this seems helpful.

Seems needed to add some extra stuffs too (seek):

dd if=idbloader.img of=sdb seek=64
dd if=u-boot.itb of=sdb seek=16384

So, script become as follow:

# write uboot
echo "= Writing idbloader.img for $TARGET ...."
dd if=$PREFIX/usr/share/uboot/$TARGET/sidbloader.img of=$MEDIA bs=8k seek=64; sync
echo "= Writing u-boot FIT image for $TARGET ...."
dd if=$PREFIX/usr/share/uboot/$TARGET/u-boot.itb of=$MEDIA bs=8k seek=16384; sync; sleep 5
# set console for allwinner

Looks similar to what is at:



Might need to change seek value. I do not have that board, so cannot try this out, but hope it works. If it does work, can you contribute the script back? I believe additions are also needed here:



Tomorrow I'll try!

Thanks a lot for Your support.

Best regards,


Il 11/11/19 16:21, Benson Muite ha scritto:

Hi Agharta,

I used an earlier Fedora release on Banana pro (after first using Fedora combined with a different kernel). It worked ok, but took a bit of time for the Arm image to support Banana pro.

On 11/11/19 4:04 PM, agharta82@gmail.com wrote:

Hi Benson

a) Yes, but I can't specify Rock64 as --target parameter.

"A number of Pine64 boards are supported, but you might use as a bass to get something for rock64" Can You explain me how? Is it possibile without manual recompilation, etc...? (see why in b) and c) )

There was a message earlier on the list that support had been added for rock 64. Thus you might be able to take the configuration for Pine64 and modify that for Rock 64, though can also wait. After installing the arm image installer, as indicated at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/ARM/Installation in a terminal I can type

$ls /usr/share/arm-image-installer/boards.d/

to get a listing of supported boards. Typing

$more /usr/share/arm-image-installer/boards.d/pinebook

gives settings for Pinebook, which are

# write uboot
echo "= Writing sunxi-spl.bin for $TARGET ...."
dd if=$PREFIX/usr/share/uboot/$TARGET/sunxi-spl.bin of=$MEDIA bs=8k seek=1; sync
echo "= Writing u-boot FIT image for $TARGET ...."
dd if=$PREFIX/usr/share/uboot/$TARGET/u-boot.itb of=$MEDIA bs=8k seek=5; sync; sleep 5
# set console for allwinner

The commands for pine_h64, pine64_plus and pine64-lts are the same, so you might try these for your Rock 64.

b) Yes, an Armbian kernel....but I'd like to use a 'standard' kernel.


c) Yes, is possibile, but i still prefer a community delivered rpm (and maintained).

Noted. Thanks for using and reporting where work is still required. Sorry cannot be much more help at present.

Thanks again for Your support.

Best regards,