Hello all,
 I just got a brand new GuruPlug a few days ago and I was hoping to install Fedora ARM on it as soon as possible. Well, the only problem is, I neglected to get the JTAG breakout box / cables required to get the U-Boot prompt and thus, as far as I can tell, can't do much about loading a new U-Boot version (hopefully to boot from microSD), putting a new U-Boot config, Linux kernel and accompanying rootfs on the NAND/external MicroSD card. I can see the /dev/mtd* devices from Debian 5.0.3, kernel 2.6.32-00007-g56678ec, but I have yet to write to them from my live system as I want to be absolutely sure about what I'm doing on this front.

I'd also like to know if I can use the internal NAND/external MicroSD card as one big device, as opposed to two seperate devices. I realize the NAND is not addressed as a block device, but if they both can contain filesystems, does that mean that I can use UnionFS (or something similiar) to bridge two seperate filesystems and divide the space taken up by data between the two storage devices?

If anyone could provide any more information on what I'm attempting to do (flash NAND, reinstall OS) without a JTAG cable, either on a SheevaPlug or a GuruPlug (from what I've read, they are nearly the same), it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all of you guys for working out the kinks in Fedora ARM, and I'm looking forward to using my favorite distro on the smallest PC I've ever had...

Jon Hermansen