2010/5/22 Chris Tyler <chris@tylers.info>
On Sat, 2010-05-22 at 09:49 +0200, Bernhard Schuster wrote:
> Hi!
> I just received my GuruPlug Server Plus, but I am not willing to break
> it by flashing the internal NAND (I got 2 left hands considering
> flashing :> ) so I want to use the micro SD card slot. The point is:
> Does it suppoert micro SDHC cards aswell, I got no information about
> that, but there seem to be no more micro SD cards out in the wild
> (>=4GB) being _not_ micro SDHC (which in fact just increases the max
> allowed size of the flashmem)
> Any answer or hint would be great, actual testing experience would be
> awesome.

We've only used cards up to 4GB, but apparently it supports cards >4GB,
which means that microSDHC is supported.


The mysterium of google search finally spit something at me which tells me that 8gb uSD cards work which in turn means micro SDHC cards work

thanks chris