I don't know if this will help. Last time I ran arm on a vm, you had to run a script to actually get it to work, which parsed out and remapped a few things then it broke on F17. I have been meaning to try again.  I really like the 9p stuff, btw. :)

Some of the newer cortex A-15's have serial/pci-e support. Here is the "howto" for the freescale QorIQ platform.


You will probably have to reroll it though (which isn't exactly what you are looking for..)

From: Richard W.M. Jones <rjones@redhat.com>
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Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2012 3:17 PM
Subject: [fedora-arm] Booting Fedora kernels on qemu, and the current state of emulated virtio/PCI

Does anyone have a quick overview of $SUBJECT?

In particular:

I cannot get any Fedora kernels to boot on the latest qemu, unless I
use -M vexpress-a{9,15}.  Has support for -M versatilepb been dropped?

vexpress-a{9,15} doesn't support PCI, which means it doesn't support
virtio (especially virtio-serial) which makes it useless for
libguestfs.  Does any qemu model support virtio-serial?  Does any qemu
model support PCI?  What, if anything, is the status of virt-mmio?

Can't we just add PCI to the qemu vexpress model, even if the real
hardware doesn't have it?  (And does it matter what real hardware
supports?  Can't we just define an uber-ARM-qemu-model that supports


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