Hi people, before all sorry for my bad english, I am latinoamerican Ambassador, especifically in Venezuelan, I have a smartphone Huawei, Model UM840. Actually is smartphone leader in Movilnet Carrier.

My idea is: Run Fedora in um840 to promote Fedora in my country.

um840 use a ARM11 Family processor, Qualcomm 7200A at 528Mhz with 198mb RAM.

The phone have Android OS (2.1).

if Android is based in Linux Kernel, then I think in port Fedora Linux to phone.

but I have two problems.

1) I don't know a bootloader to dual boot (Android + Fedora)
2) I don't know How to port Fedora 12 Arm in readable binary image for smartphone.

Again, sorry for my bad english & thanks.


Kellerman Rivero (kelito)
Fedora Ambassador