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I often wondered this myself actually about serial / hardware revisions.  being so generic with reference boards from just about everyone, it would make sense not to lay down any specific revsion / serial number.

You would do this if you were making  a product en mass.  but most of these boards are reference / first adopters.

@Marcin,  I have 2 Panda es boards.  what exactly are you reading from? ( curious more than anything ).

Nigel Sollars

On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 4:39 PM, Marcin Juszkiewicz <mjuszkiewicz@redhat.com> wrote:
W dniu 29.03.2014 20:38, Steve Underwood pisze:

> When I look at the /proc/cpuinfo file with Fedora 20 running on Panda
> and Beagle Bone Black boards the revision and serial number lines just
> show zeros. I think the devices on these boards have serial numbers
> encoded in them, and they should certainly have revision codes. Does
> anyone know what it takes to have these fields filled in with proper
> information?

Most of ARM platforms do not provide device serial numbers or device
revision in those places. Many of them can not even recognize revisions
by software.

For PandaBoard you can check board revision by software but you have to
be careful as there are some boards with wrong information (I have such
one). But board does not have serial number programmed at all.

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