On 28 October 2017 at 08:05, Peter Robinson <pbrobinson@gmail.com> wrote:
> It is not crash in user space. Execution of the user space binary
> sensors-detect is causing kernel space OOPS.
> This is what is printed on the terminal on executing this program:

I don't believe sensors-detect should be used on the RPi, in fact on
any ARM device as it's very much focused on servers/x86 and accessing
things via DMI/SMbus and other pretty x86 methods, it uses rudimentary
techniques to just bash random locations where there might be sensors.

What are you actually trying to achieve with it? The Pi OOTB has no
onboard sensors of note, and the addons should likely be
detected/accessed via GPIO or the IIO stack.

I don't believe that any binary provided by distribution packages should be able to generate OOPS :)
Initializing sensors was part of my standard template system initialization after installation which I'm using on normal/prod systems.
You can call it coincidence that I found it :)
PS. BTW sensors under Linux. At the moment it is total mess in Linux now.
Thing like temp sensors are exposed over three completely independent kernel interfaces: hwmon, thermal and yet another one which I do not remember now.
After man years of the development Linux still is decade if not more behind for example Solaris FMA.

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