Just a note to say that I installed the Fedora KDE arm image on my RPi 3 from the link below using a Kingston class 10 SD card and it is running extremely slow.

After the second boot, I opened a console and did a 'dnf update'.  With a fast ethernet connection, it has taken nearly 12 hours to complete.  It is currently in the   'top' shows nothing CPU usage to be 2.3% for the top process and nothing much for anthing else.  The dnf process occasionally pops up in the top list, using less than 1% of the cpu, though about 18% of memory.  

Is there a zombie thread running somewhere ?

I'll investigate further once the update process is complete.

BTW: kudos for bringing Fedora to the RPi platform.  I'm so happy not to be building custom kernels and to be running the same distribution I use on my other computers.   Keep up the good work !