I'm running  F18 beta-tc3 on a Dreamplug. Since memory is tight, I don't want /tmp mounted as tmpfs, but want to have it on a real disk.

In order to stop /tmp being mounted as a tmpfs, I have executed "systemctl mask tmp.mount", and then I have an entry in /etc/fstab to mount a real disk partition on /tmp.

The problem I have is that after executing "systemctl mask tmp.mount" and rebooting, the root filesystem is mounted read-only, which causes various other services to fail. If I execute "systemctl unmask tmp.mount" and reboot, the root filesystem is again mounted read-write.

The above behaviour does not seem intuitive to me; is it correct behaviour? If this is what is expected, how do I stop a tmpfs filesystem being mounted on tmp before I mount another filesystem on /tmp?

Quentin Armitage