I was looking at it, a month or two ago. They just closed a bug that prevented the compiler gcc from building from srpm, and said it was fixed in rawhide. I'm going to test it again, to see if it is actually fixed, and if it is. It might non-trivial, but still not that bad to get working. Unless someone else wants to, it probably similar to ADA support. :)

From: David Cook <d.cook@sheffield.ac.uk>
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Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 3:38 PM
Subject: [fedora-arm] g77 for ARM?


Is there anyone out there working on an ARM version of compat-gcc-g77?

Unfortunately, I have lots of "heritage" code in various obselete forms of Fortran and
it certainly not compile with gfortran but it does compile with g77 on FC17 686_64.
Also, for some mysterious reason, the old faithful route of f2c followed by gcc has stopped
compiling these codes in recent releases of fedora core.

At my age and with my health history I cannot even think of re-coding this stuff and anyway
I can use it on fc17 686 but it would be something of a coup to get it to go on the
Raspberry Pi!

Here's hoping

Dave Cook 

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