1) there was no request of initial password fro root user in initial user, I am sure of it
2) I have to check in my tv-set: I will report it back as soon I will be back home
3) When I shut down I was asked if I wanted to apply pending updates and reboot: I said yes and that's all. All updates were o.k., it seemed only a frozen system

I am using Fedora Workstation with Gnome  DE

I have another issue related to keyboard (I am using an Italian Keyboard and it was set as italian): when I write something in the top line of Gnome (when I am looking for application) when I push a character on the keyboard I gent many characters (only in this window, terminal is o.k., i.e I push d and I get ddd)

Tnx for help

Antonio Montagnani

Linux Fedora 24 (Workstation)
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2016-10-21 15:22 GMT+02:00 Peter Robinson <pbrobinson@gmail.com>:
On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 10:07 PM, Antonio M
<antonio.montagnani@gmail.com> wrote:
> Installed latest nightly build tonight and I have found the following
> issues:
> 1) there is no password request for root user

You set the root password as part of the initial setup

> 2) at start-up lines are out of the boundary of the screen (I am using a 32"
> Led TV  full HD with resolution with 1920x1080 resolution): I had to reduce
> also in Fedora to 1280×720 otherwise some space is out of the screen, i.e.
> menu is invisible

There should be a menu option in the TV to adjust the output to fit.
Something like auto adjust, it's worked on 3-4 TVs that I've tested it

> 3) at first boot I had a lot of updates, I told the computer to reboot
> (installing updates) but at 97% screen froze..I made a hard reboot and
> everything went fine. What happened?

There should only be testing updates if it's the latest nightly. What
method were you using to apply updates. What desktop environment etc?