Yes,Arndale and Arndale Octa is very different ,the SOC of Arndale board is Exynos 5250(double Cortex-A15),and Arndale Octa 5420 is Exynos Octa 5420(big.Little),and they have many difference in hardware,so if we want to flash an available system image,must change some source.And what's important is how to do it??


2014-02-27 15:29 GMT+08:00 元平徐 <>:

Hello, Peter Robinson:

Thanks for your reply, this board can run Linaro Ubuntu 14.01  server,and its kernel may be used here ,if i want to build an image  for arndale octa ,how to start??

Thanks !


2014-02-27 15:07 GMT+08:00 元平徐 <>:

Hello,every one!

I have an Arndale Octa Board ,its SoC is Exynos Octa 5420,and I am very interested in porting the newest fedora to it,but i don't now how to start it ,Anyone can help me ? 

Thanks very much!