> > I'm afraid I'm going to need a bit of a pointer here.  I downloaded
> > Fedora-Minimal-armhfp-20-Alpha-TC1-1-sda.raw.xz, uncompressed it,
> > and dd'ed it to an SD card.  I then dd'ed my U-Boot build for the
> > Wandboard Quad onto the SD card, beginning at offset 1k (where the
> > iMX6 bootrom expects it), and started the board running.
> >
> From my experience, you should take a later snapshot. Recently, I
> started to write the process up a bit.
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Mrunge/Wandboard_quad
> Please note, it's a wiki. If anything is missing or wrong, I encourage
> you to correct it.

Thanks for posting the link. I've used your description with on my
Wandboard DualLite and it works like a charm (using the imx6dl uboot.imx
and dtb). Dmesg: http://paste.fedoraproject.org/39690/48270137/

Some issues I have noticed:
- no autoboot (bootcmd and bootdelay are set in uboot, whats missing?)

Likely an issue with a-b-c so I'd check with Brendan and see if there's anything needed.
- no automatic resize of / on the first boot (is that intentional?)
- occasional hang while booting (mentioned elsewhere in this thread)

Does anyone know if bugs have been filed for this already? I do not seem
to be able to find any.

What are the plans to go forward with this wiki page? Currently it is
named and written for the Wandboard Quad, but obviously other
Wandboard(s) work too.

I would likely rename it, and even make it generic to all i.MX6 devices as I suspect the Wandboard, utilite and new CuBoxes will all be very similar.
Also, the scripts that Hans de Goede provides in his AllWinner remix
take care of configuring the bootloader and things, maybe that can be
used as a base for the other image(s)? I think that providing a common
way to write/configure images for Fedora ARM where possible is

Yes, it's been randomly discussed that they might be a good start for that sort of thing but no ones actually done it.