Tested minimal and server images on RPi 3.

Two issues:
- boot OOPSes in mmc card initialisation (just before remount to root fs) and if it is not freezes completely ends in dracut prompt
- USB keyboard is not working when dracut prompt is reached (keyboard is OK as I'm able to use it in uboot prompt)

I've started testing those images because my original +5 months almost ever day updated rawhide bases system has been bricked somewhere after kernel 4.11 rc2 when it seems RPi 3 firmware has been updated. After this last update I found that my RPi 3 is not bringing up eth interface. Trying to diagnose this issue I found that additionally usb keyboard was cut off as well.
Seems what was introduced after first 4.11 ~rc2 kernel now is part of every day regenerated images.

Would be glad if someone could confirm the same effects on RPi 3 (to be sure that my HW still is OK).

Tomasz Kłoczko | LinkedIn: http://lnkd.in/FXPWxH