What if we work remotely and give the travel and accommodation budget to respective countries to run local events?
I hope at least South Asian countries can get more than 1000USD (cost of two person to travel and stay in Philippines).

On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 1:42 PM, Magie Antonio <magie@bluepoint.com.ph> wrote:
Thanks for the details Tuan. I will now start sourcing out possible venues for FAD APAC and prepare logistics for evaluation purposes.


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>> Hi Tuan,
>> The Philippine Team is interested in hosting the FAD APAC.
> Great. Thanks PH team for stepping up.
>> May we know more details about this please?
>> 1. How may participants will be coming to the Philippines?
> I hope we can join 1-2 ambassadors from each APAC country.
> There are 9 countries made plans this year [1]; plus some other new ones,
> there would be about 15-20 participants, I think.
>> 2. How long will the FAD APAC be?
> It should be held at the weekend. People arrive on Friday and depart on
> Sunday, for instance.
>> 3. Is there a budget that we should work around with?
> Honestly, I have no idea since this is the first time we organize this kind
> of events. However, I believe that it would be quite helpful for us to make
> much better plans for APAC so we can request for enough funds.
> At this time, we need to make the event schedule + budget estimation first.
> Then I will advice more with FAmSCo and budget owner to check for the final
> budget.
>> 4. What are the requirements or expectations from us as the host?
> We will start clarifying this.
>> We look forward to making the FAD APAC 2013 happen in the Philippines.
> Thanks again.
> To other ambassadors, especially ones in APAC. Please get involved to this
> discussion to have more ideas.
> [1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Budget#References
> Kind regards,
> Tuan
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