is not a tool, it is social network with wide audience.

We can setup out own tooling for meetup organizations, but we still need a way to reach out to people outside of Fedora bubble. To those who don't know that our nice open source regional hubs even exist.

For example Fedora Project has account on Google Plus (which is a closed service), but this doesn't make Fedora "proprietary". I don't see why we can not apply the same logic for

On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 7:04 PM, Lailah <> wrote:

On 29/11/16 18:48, Huiren Woo wrote:

I'm currently paying for the Singapore's meetup group. I think this would make economic sense and is a good idea.

However, the meetup group would only be able to "set a single location". Which means if I'm from Britain, my default meetup search is 5km within London and would not be able to find the "global Fedora group". You might want to consider collaborating with the local Linux User Groups instead. What does the rest think?

(Fun fact: I do know some people are against having because it is proprietary)

Hi!  One of those people here! o/  Isn't there another tool doing the same but open source?  That would be nicer.


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