2013/6/27 Jayme Ayres <jayme@jaymeayres.com>
Hi folks!

Marcel, who
said there is trademark infringement?
Ianweller did in #fedora-design
He's also the one who asked me to e-mail requesting a new logo with fedoraproject.org address to logo@fedoraproject.org and the one who replie with the image.
The image representing the Fedora community in Brazil is a derivation of the original logo, the logo of the project is the addition of the word "fedora" + representative drawing(f). When I created this identity, I was careful not to violate the guidelines [1] I already knew because of participation in desing team.
I'm not sure how long you've been following threads in brasil-marketing, but this thread is a part of a much larger issue that *for now, at least* projetofedora.org is NOT official, NOT endorsed by Fedora Project or Red Hat and SHOULD NOT be suggested by Ambassadors since it does not represent Fedora Foundations. There are even other issues, if I understood it correctly.
2013/6/27 Daniel Bruno <dbruno@fedoraproject.org>
The profile don't violate the trademarks of the project.
Yes, it does. According to your link, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Trademark_guidelines#Usage_That_Does_Not_Require_Permission 

  • the use does not imply sponsorship or endorsement by Red Hat or the Fedora Project
 By the time this image was made, probably, projetofedora.org was an official site and thus it was endorsed by Fedora Project. Right now, it isn't, and that's why I think that's the reason for the trademark violation. (Ianweller said it was a violation, I didn't really ask *where* exactly was the violation.

At the time of conception of the image, all these issues were discussed so that there was no problem.
That's my point. At the time of conception, projetofedora.org was official and even endorsed by Red Hat Brazil or something. I'm almost sure someone said something like this in previous threads.

About you having to repeat you shared the profile with him, I'm sorry, the e-mail hadn't arrive to me by the time I sent the mine.

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