Dear Ambassador and member of the marketing list,
I have some idea and want know what do you think about this.
The first idea is this:
1) My first idea is to create a site like linuxcounter for people that use Fedora.
I believe that this idea is good for two reason.
The first reason is that in this way we can counter the user that use Fedora
The second reason,this is a marketing reason, this is a good way which a Fedora user can distinguished about another GNU/Linux user.I want that people can undestand the "Fedora way".I want that Fedora User can say:
"I'm a Fedora user, I'm a special person because I use this distro, because this distro are the best distro and i have have some that distinguish me from another generic user.I'm Fedora"
I want that people can consider Fedora (the distro,the community and all around the project) as a way of life.
2)The second idea is this:
I want to create something like a dating site but for Fedora user.
Ok, I explain the idea about the dating site. I want to create a site where the user can meet other user in real time.
The site can give at all the Fedora user around the world to know other Fedora user.Can give the possibility to resolv the problem that the newbie can have and in this way is possible to see that bihind the Fedora Project there are real people,and not only a mail address.
Ok,can you say me wath do you think about this 2 idea?
Best Regards,
Giuseppe Pignataro
Giuseppe Pignataro

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