I like that idea too Scott....

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Am Dienstag, den 09.07.2013, 11:02 +0200 schrieb Joerg Simon:
crossposted also to the famsco list as a heads up

i want to put the current Ambassador mentoring and membership process up
to dicussion - if i see the solid base of mentors we have today, we
should consider to give the mentors sponsorship rights.
With the current process the *last step* of a mentor is, that he gives
his *thumbs up in the tickets system* . After that, the FAmA sponsors
the candidate in FAS and closes the ticket. I think we should give the
Mentors who are doing the hard mentoring work, the recognition to
sponsor their own candidates.
I totally agree, there are a lot of good reasons. Let me summarize and
add a few new ones:
       * We should share the workload.
       * We should not have a single point of failure.
       * The mentors do all the work of the sponsoring process, in return
         they should be rewarded with more recognition and
       * Sponsoring somebody and closing his ticket is just a few clicks.
         No big deal for a mentor, but it can become a lot of work for a
         single person.
       * As the mentors are filing the tickets, they should also close
       * The process would be consistent with all the other groups where
         sponsors == mentors.

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[1] https://fedorahosted.org/fama/
I agree with all the points Christoph said and indeed it's a question
new candidates sometimes ask: why, when candidates finish mentoring
with a "thumbs up", they aren't sponsored immediately?
 From the 1st of June we also changed a lot of the mentoring process,
giving more responsibility to the single mentor and letting him
administrate the ticket process from the creation to the "thumbs up"
state. Sponsoring his candidate definitely, after having spent often a
lot of time with the new ambassador, would be grateful for the mentor
on one side, and would be the logical end of the mentoring process for
the candidate on the other side.

Therefore I would totally agree with Jörg's proposal.

As a mentor, just thought I'd give my $.02 and say that being able to sponsor in Trac would be a helpful bonus.  That way we can tell the mentee that they're in when they're ready instead of explaining the last bit of red tape, which less face it, has been largely ceremonial.