Hello everybody!

I have taken a decision to leaving of Fedora Project, for differents reasons. I save a good stories on bit time, but I don't agree some things of this project.

I am pleased by have met Christoph Wickert because he helped from I started as ambassador of this project. And during all time I needed him including LinuxCon experience. He is a very good helpmate and I hope this project take care!

I am pleased have met a Jiří Eischmann too by help some times, My mentor Neville A. Cross to partnership to approve my candidate to join on ambassador teams.

I pleased by have worked with i18n team and freemedia team too, and everybody I have get to known on Fedora, and I had an opportunity to known on person such as Leslie Hawthorn and Giuseppe Palestra, very nice people.

I hope a future come back if will be changes, Fedora never forget.