Hello everyone,

Jona, thanks for taking the time and courage to speak about this "incident". I was chairing that FAmSCo meeting, I was briefly part of the discussion but I chose not to continue as it was getting off-topic.

One of our four foundations is Friends. We have to make sure that every single contributor feels welcome and that all kinds of contributions are valued and appreciated.

On March 10, 2016 at 2:37 PM Robert Scheck <robert@fedoraproject.org> wrote:

thank you very much for picking this up. I wanted to do this anyway, I also
was in touch yesterday with Remy during the meeting in /query shortly.

First of all: My word "real" wasn't perfectly choosen, I am sorry for this.

Robert, I do believe that you didn't want to upset the Albanian community in any way. Still, I do not agree with your reasoning.

From mypoint of view, mostly by looking back over the years, a "young community"
has IMHO still after 2 years the risk to fall down (even I do not hope that
at all). I might be wrong here, but most of the activity in Albania started
in 2014, thus it's from my point of view a "young community".

Yes, there is the risk you mention, but we don't have to think like that. As mentors and as part of this project's leadership we have to inspire, encourage and enable contributors across the regions in order to grow their communities and succeed.

If they fail to do so, it's partly our fault as well.

Given I mentioned Greece as well: I'm not absolutely sure without digging
through old mails, but around 2008-2010, there was really a lot of activity
in Greece regarding Fedora; I'm tempted to say maybe even more than now.
Very sad thing is that there was a "down" after that, because quite a lot
of the Fedora ambassadors went to Mozilla (I don't want to blame Mozilla
here for anything) and a fair part to openSUSE. And if I'm not completely
wrong for what I looked up and noticed, most of the currently active Greek
ambassadors started after that "down". Again, while leaving and joining is
part of the community life, it was sad at that time to see that Mozilla was
more attractive or fascinating or whatever for contributing. It's important
to learn from the past - I would like to avoid such a thing for the future.

Quite a lot went to Mozilla? I can count only three people, which are still part of the Fedora community as well.

Also, why do you think this happened?

A fair part to openSUSE? That's not true at all. Please, get your facts straight.

The Greek Fedora community has 17 contributors currently. Two of them are currently part of the Fedora leadership. During the last FOSSCOMM, a large Greek foss-related conference which took place a few months ago, nine of them showed up for the booth; and there were several more that wanted to come but they couldn't. We don't have that many events in Greece, but this doesn't mean we're dead.

If you don't have facts, please don't speak about the Greek community again.

Take care!

Giannis Konstantinidis

giannisk on irc.freenode.net