Yeah my fedora email address is Forgot to use the dropdown heh. The problem is I am in training with the Royal Air Force and can't Afford blank disks.

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 7:28 AM, Gerold <> wrote:
> Hello Fellow Ambassadors,
>   I was wondering how I could get around 100 DVDs to donate to people
> around
> West Lothian College. And to be used for a Fedora 10 Release Party to
> introduce new users to Fedora.
>   Ive been using Fedora since Core 1 and before that I used RedHat I want
> other people to experience Fedora and become members of the Open Source
> Community. Alot of C Developers I know are afraid of Linux because of the
> lack of Support for some of the IDEs they use and they dont seem to
> understand the GUI is very simple to use and there are alternatives to
> almost every IDE Windows Has to offer. I want to proove Linux is very user
> Friendly
> Thanks,
>   Keiran
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Hi Keiran,

as I saw your E-Mail-adress I wonder about your question ...
Don't you know: or
I guess you forgot them :-)



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