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This inventory never was accurate, and no use at all - as we going
forward with events, and gets always outdated.

It was never accurate, simply because people were not updating it. :)

We need somealternative that supports much deeper item handling per region and
more accurate, precise I/O from producing till it's used up.

That would be over-engineering, in my opinion. An up-to-date inventory page works fine; we just need an overview of the available swag in the region.

First Ithink we have to say also where we concentrate items, so key
ambassadors can be target requests there. In the past I think we used
Brno pretty well, but would be great to discuss this widely. Thoughts?

They have been doing some great work so far in the Brno Office. We could keep producing media, swag, etc. in the Czech Republic and then redistribute them to the communities.


Giannis Konstantinidis

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