I would like to suggest to use VLC videolan player.
First install livna repo.
rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-6.rpm
then run yum
yum install vlc
VLC is an opensource video player that supported many codec.
Good luck
On 2/8/07, Bart De Soete <Bart.De.Soete@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
Hi all,

At this moment, I'm working hard on my current project which is migrating a music school from MS Windows XP (and for their servers: Windows Server 2003) to Fedora 6.
However, there were already a few music tutors and staff familiar with openSUSE. They agreed to migrate for 100% to Linux, but preferred to use openSUSE.
The migration went well if we speaking about basics, but one of the main issues are multimedia codecs.
Multimedia is a very important aspect for the clients in that organisation.

I gave them the Helix Banshee-player to play music and fixed the MP3-support-issue.
However, they also want to be able to play following codecs:

Movieformat: MPEG and likewise formats ??

DVD-format: 1) how to rip dvd's ?  2) how to watch the ripped VOB-files on hard disk, 'cause they 're standard not supported.

Soundformat: WMA and likewise formats ??

I tried already a few things, but Banshee, Totem and Real-player always are giving the same error: you need to install a plugin to play this format.
I installed the w32codec-all which should contain Win32 and other binary codecs, but NO RESULT.

Can someone help me?

Kind regards,


Bart De Soete,
Fedora Ambassador Belgium

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