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It seems to me a good idea, since the costs of certifying in distros like network hat or suse, very is elevated. 

Another alternative that we have a cerficación Fedora, but is guaranteed by LPI [1], something as well as the certification of UBUNTU and MySQL.  I know that LPI, this working very hard in centralizing the OpenSource certifications.   


[1] http://lpi.org/en/lpi/english/news

On 10/2/06, Merlin < halaba@o2.pl> wrote:
I have a idea about central course of fedora whith a certificate of fedora.
If some of as want to do a international education system whith a internationale certificate corroborant your knowledge about Linux in Fedora Core Distribucion. We can do a internet exam after the course and we can lern of a few levels like ccna and ccnp (CISCO).
What do you thing about??

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