I could be out of line, but I'm going to blow my whistle and reach for my yellow card here.

I hope I speak for others when I say I appreciate and welcome your enthusiasm to be an ambassador, however we do have a process in place that needs to be followed.

Man Kit Cheung: To find a mentor, go to this page:


Find a mentor who is IN YOUR REGION -- a very important part of the process, as is following directions -- and contact him or her. The responsibility is yours to contact a mentor personally, not to comb the mailing list to see if someone is available.

That is just one step in the process that starts here:


It might be beneficial to read the wikis first and if you have any questions, then ask them on the list. But finding and contacting a mentor off-list would be a good start.

Good luck.

Larry Cafiero / Ambassador Mentor for North America

2010/7/30 Marķa Leandro <tatica@fedoraproject.org>
Man I'll be glad to be your ambassador if any of the guys/girls from your region is busy :D

My mail is tatica@fedorapeople.org

See ya and welcome!!

2010/7/30 Joerg Simon <jsimon@fedoraproject.org>
Am 30.07.2010 16:00, schrieb Man Kit Cheung:
> no, I don't have a mentor. You are a mentor and want to lead me?


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