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> == Low Friction process for Release Parties ==
> We are proposing a new low-friction process for funding release parties.
> Anyone (not just Ambassadors or Advocates) can request up to $100 USD in
> reimbursement for a release party. The general stipulation will be that the
> person requesting the funds must provide some critical pieces of
> information both before and after the event, to ensure the event meets with
> Fedora's release party guidelines. Only $25 USD of the release party budget
> may be used for transportation costs, and a limited amount of swag
> (stickers, buttons, pens, etc.) will be sent to the organizer.
> The idea is that if someone wants to get a reasonably sized group of people
> together to celebrate the newest release, we'll happily buy some
> chips/sodas/pizzas/snacks and send a small bit of swag.
> === Before the event ===
> Open a Mindshare ticket with the following information:
> * Time/Date
> * Location
> * Expected number of attendees
> * Expected cost
> === After the event ===
> Update the Mindsare ticket with the following information:
> * Actual number of attendees
> * Photos of the event
> * Actual cost
> * Any lessons you learned from the event, or tips for other events to help
> them be successful
> * A link to your blog post, ideally in the Fedora CommBlog, or on Fedora
> Planet about the event
> === Other notes ===
> * Costs (up to $100 USD) will be reimbursed after the event. We will not
> send money before the event. No more than $25 can be spent on
> transportation. No money may be spent on swag.

I really like this idea, make a Release Party easier to organice is a great step for the good, just curios about something, Fedora 28 have been released, request for F28 release parties can follow this new process or we must still open tickets in per Regions instances?

Right now please use the traditional process.  The new process hasn't gotten all the documentation from Mindshare yet.



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