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i have not followed this discussion and will not further jump into it -
with this statement i think you go overboard yourself by marginalize the
work of the other communities as long as there are no proper metrics
what the most active Fedora Community in EMEA means

It was not my intention to put other communities behind, I must have said it in a wrong way and I'm sorry about that. What I was trying to say is that their community is extremely active and that everyone should value that. We need to encourage them to keep growing.

Comments like "this community might not exist in the next two years" or that "this community is not as mature as the others" are not going to help in any way. They will demotivate them.

It's true that there are no actual metrics, but one can at least try to measure the activities of a community by # of events organized and by # of contributions towards the project. What I said about their activity is based on these facts.

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